About us

Frei Solicitors is an international, boutique luxury asset law firm, acting for wealthy individuals, families and businesses across the globe.


We are strongly client-focused and will provide you with practical legal advice whilst taking into account your commercial and business needs.

Our team will support you to resolve your issues with clear, concise and professional advice.

We work with law firms in other jurisdictions where we have close links and strong personal relationships in order to achieve our client’s objectives.

Our in depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses, industries and markets enables us to provide our clients with the high quality service they deserve.

We clearly determine our client’s objectives during the initial meeting and always work towards our client’s timetable. We are dedicated to resolving our clients’ issues and strive to build a lasting relationship.

We understand each transaction is unique and provide simple step by step guidance throughout the entire transaction until completion.

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service at competitive rates.

Our Values


We provide consistent high quality legal services to our clients based on our legal expertise.


We deal with our clients and business partners according to the highest professional and ethical standards


We manage each case with transparency and communicate effectively with our clients, keeping them up to date on progress throughout the case.

Cost Management

We understand value for money is paramount to our clients, and have set out an effective pricing strategy.


The budget is set out with the client at the beginning of the project, ensuring that there are no surprises. Each stage is clearly defined and associated costs clearly explained so the client knows exactly what is included in the budget.

Pricing and payment options

For each case we will review the options available to our clients and agree on the best pricing option for the project. This could be a fixed fee for the entire case/or stages of the project, or a traditional hourly rate formula or a conditional fee arrangement. We will discuss the best option individually and tailor the pricing package to meet the client’s needs.

For detailed information and to discuss you requirements, contact info@freisolicitors.com.

For details information and to discuss your requirements, contact info@freisolicitors.com